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FiveThirtyEight Asks How To Make Indoor Air Safer

The website FiveThirtyEight, known for statistical analysis, politics, and economics, looked to epidemiological and technology experts on how COVID-19 affects indoor air quality. Detailing how larger respiratory droplets that are

Global Plasma Solutions Eliminates 99.4% of COVID-19

Global Plasma Solutions has announced testing results that demonstrate a 99.4% reduction in COVID-19 within 30 minutes. Through this study executed jointly with Aviation Clean Air, shows the effectiveness of

Bipolar Ionization Used to Fight COVID-19

With the coronavirus, COVID-19, continuing to maintain a presence in this country, steps are being taken to improve indoor air quality through HVAC systems with “new-to-us” technology. While Lyons Company

National Safety Month – Crane Service

Previous Next Crane Lifts Safety is our #1 goal at Lyons. #NationalSafetyMonth Another successful crane lift for the Lyons Team.  Setting four (4) Packaged Makeup Air Units with help from

National Safety Month – Mark Dickson

NATIONAL SAFETY MONTH Mark Dickson “Safety matters for not only you but for your family, because they want you to come home at night.” Mark Dickson, Lyons Service Company Project

National Safety Month – Jorelle Minor

Celebrate National Safety Month with Jorelle Minor June is National Safety Month, and we cannot let it go by without highlighting our fulltime Safety & Training Manager, Jorelle Minor. He