Bipolar Ionization Used to Fight COVID-19

With the coronavirus, COVID-19, continuing to maintain a presence in this country, steps are being taken to improve indoor air quality through HVAC systems with “new-to-us” technology. While Lyons Company has been installing Plasma Solutions in facilities for years, facility managers and owners are beginning to hear about Bipolar Ionization as an HVAC weapon in the fight against coronavirus. 

Business Insider writer, Melanie Haiken, wrote about Bipolar ionization and it’s ability to deactivate harmful substances when integrated into HVAC systems.

These solutions have been used in different forms since the 1970s in food manufacturing, but also effective during more recent SARS, MERS, and norovirus strains. Large venues and hospitals have embraced the technology for some time, but as the units become cheaper and easier to install, more companies are scrambling to implement these solutions.

Plasma Air, through extensive study, have proven Ionization reduces coronavirus surrogate by 99% airborne and 80% on surfaces within 10 minutes. Through the reaction of negatively and positively charged ions attach to airborne pathogens, causing a chemical reaction that deactivates the viruses.

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