Third-Party Study of Plasma Air Ionization Shows 99% Reduction of Coronavirus

Various studies that began earlier this year are completing analysis regarding the efficacy of Air Ionization or Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization in reducing COVID-19 through HVAC systems. One such study, run by the Spanish Ministry of Defense Biological Laboratory, conducted tests in a Madrid hotel converted to simulate residences and ICU rooms to test air ionization on small aerosolized viral particles. 

Comparing against control settings, they were able to measure a 99% reduction in the bacteriophage after only 10 minutes of exposure to ionization using Plasma Air’s units. In a separate study, the group measured an 80% reduction in surface MS2 bacteriophage after only 10 minutes of exposure to ionization. These incredible results are continuing to prove HVAC systems utilizing bipolar air ionization are a primary weapon against the global Coronavirus crisis. 

Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization in HVAC systems works through the reaction of negatively and positively charged ions, attaching to airborne pathogens creating a chemical reaction and deactivating the viruses. These units can easily be installed on existing HVAC units without costly modification to the overall system. They are effective in schools, medical offices and facilities, offices, and many other industrial, commercial, and institutional systems where indoor air quality is a concern. 

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