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Lyons Mechanical Services has a comprehensive safety program designed and directed by a dedicated training and safety professional. We demonstrate the importance of holding high safety standards by conducting reviews before, during, and after each project. By identifying potential jobsite hazards and implementing proper safeguards, Lyons Mechanical Services employees develop a sense of responsibility for upholding consistently safe working conditions. We have above average records in safety performance, and we use database tracking of potential incidents for safety measurement.

Our Safety Program covers nine phases of oversight

  • Routine jobsite inspections conducted by the Safety Director
  • Random jobsite inspections by our insurance carrier
  • Written policy standards and guidelines for work performance
  • Daily safety talk meetings
  • Continuous Material Safety Data Sheet updates
  • Ongoing focused safety committees
  • Personal Protective Equipment Reimbursement Program
  • Comprehensive data collection system for all safety incidents
  • Quarterly reviews with Superintendents & Managers to review safety incidents

Routine field employee participation in training topics include

Fall Protection, Hazardous Communications, Asbestos Awareness, Sizzor & Boom Lifts, Welding Safety, Powered Industrial Trucks, Lock-Out-Tag-Out, Trenching & Excavation Safety, and more.

Training is the core of our expertise.

Lyons Mechanical Services not only recruits talented craftsmen, we emphasize skill development and training, giving our talented group of professionals, a multitude of opportunities to grow and learn in their career.

  • Sheet Metal craftsmen who hold Kentucky HVAC Journeyman License.
  • Lyons Service technicians who hold Kentucky HVAC Journeyman Mechanic License.
  • Project Superintendents who hold Kentucky Plumbing Licenses.
  • Percentage of our welders who are Certified Pipe Welders.
  • In-house Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) pipe welding training.
  • Number of additional formal welding and brazing certifications held by craftsmen.

Lyons Mechanical Services recognizes the importance of investing in our employees' knowledge and skills development. As part of our training program, employees commit to continuously upgrading their professional skills, both technically and personally. Our Training Management System (TMS) involves four areas of concentration: management, curriculum development, training delivery, and training evaluation.

Each employee receives an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) which serves as a map of training paths focused on pursuing and achieving career goals within the company. The Lyons Mechanical Services Skills Development Center serves as a classroom facility for trainer-led sessions. The training sessions involve technical and interpersonal skills, and most training sessions end in a written qualification to demonstrate competence.