Dart Container Corporation

Project Details
  • Location: Horse Cave, KY
  • Project Type: Industrial
  • Contractor: Scott, Murphy & Daniel
  • Contractor: Wieland-Davco
  • Start Date: Began 2005
  • Project Value: $10,000,000+ All Projects
  • Building Size: 3,000,000 square foot

Dart Container, a leading manufacturer of single-use foodservice packaging products, manufactures cups, lids, bowls, plates, and deli containers for use in institutional, industrial, and commercial applications. Opened in 1980 in Horse Cave, it employs approximately 1,400 people.

Since 2005, Lyons Company has completed over 800 projects for Dart Container including design and construction of plumbing, HVAC, and process utility systems for its 3,000,000 square foot foam and plastic container manufacturing campus.

Major projects have included a plant ventilation system for building #1, construction of a 580,000 square foot warehouse and accompanying systems, and construction of the truck maintenance facility and accompanying systems. A 380,000 square foot process facility with accompanying systems was also constructed. Boiler installation in building #9, various HVAC projects, numerous process piping projects that included compressed air, steam, etc., and ventilation projects were completed onsite.