The Presbyterian Church

Project Details
    • Location: Bowling Green, KY
    • Project Type: Commercial
    • Start Date: August 2016
    • Completion Date: December 2016

The Presbyterian Church located in downtown Bowling Green, KY is a historical structure built in 1837. It survived the Civil War, with the sanctuary serving as a Union hospital. The Church has had several additions and remodels over the years with Lyons Service Company performing a large renovation of the building’s HVAC system in 2016. The building contained a hot water boiler system with several package units, air handlers, and an aging chiller. A Mitsubishi VRF system containing a total of 80 tons capacity was installed throughout the building. Care was taken to preserve the historical character of the building during the renovation. At the completion, the Church began to realize the energy savings and low maintenance of the Mitsubishi VRF, along with a better level of comfort with temperature and humidity.